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A little over dramatic was the first thing that came to mind as he watched Blurr. It was what he wanted and expected from Blurr. But what threw him off guard was what Blurr had called him. Prime? Right now it didn’t matter, he had a threat in front of him and he needed to deal with it first.

Pushing the frame away, Rodimus ignored as it slid back and up and joined the rest of the frames on the ceiling. Looking at his former partner, Rodimus grinned “We’ll just see about that, Blurr.”

Maybe over dramatic to Rodimus, but to Blurr, that voice was everything. And for it to be gone- it didn’t bode well. At all. His claws extended, upgrades coming into action as he glanced at Dodge’s frame. His optic swiveled towards Rodimus.

He lunged, swinging his extended claws at him, attempting to slice into his armor. His movements were erratic and unpredictable, yet very sloppy. He was attacking out of pure rage, nothing strategic about him. "I’m going to k-kill you!! K-Kyehehehehehehheheheh, you’re gonna be dead dead dead DEAD DEAD!! KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!"

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"Back on track? Mech you’ve veered off track awhile ago."

As Rodimus listened to Blurr, the blaster steadied in his hand as the barrel rested in grayed out neck cables. Turning his attention to the frame Rodimus’ rested on the trigger “Looks like the teacher failed to give the wrong answer Dodge.”
Rodimus squeezed the trigger.

"You’re glitched in the helm." It only took one second. One. Fragging. Second. One second too late- he was never late. His optic widened as he watched the blaster move position. No. No no no!! He moved forward on instinct, but stopped when he heard the loud sound of the blaster.

Loud, of course, only to him. A sudden pain tore through his processor as a loud, piercing scream ran through it. He lifted his claws and grabbed onto his helm, screaming in terror as Dodge’s voice wailed down and fell silent. Silence. He dragged his claws down his faceplate, leaving grooves in the metal. The ringing in his audios began to be all he heard. No. No. No.

His optic contracted and his horrified expression shifted to one of intense anger. "I’LL FRAGGING TEAR YOU APART, RODIMUS PRIME!!"

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Rodimus’ smirk lessened at the comments and with every step Blurr took towards him. Still standing behind the frame, the seeker placed both hands on either of the frames arms leaning rather close. ” Oh, I know you’re doin’ what’s best for th’ Autobots…but you’re slippin’.” Looking at the frame Rodimus vented.

"Ya know what," the seeker pulled his blaster out of subspace and aimed it haphazardly towards the frame with a frown. "I still think you’re a ‘little’ too attached to this gray frame. Wouldn’t ya think? I mean look at ya!" Rodimus laughed "You’re practically over edge over somethin’ dat died back on Cybertron. What would Prime think?"

Blurr’s claws curled as he walked forward, intent on reaching over Dodge and throwing Rodimus straight into the smelting pit. “Slipping? I’m finally back on the right track, you slagging piece of- !!!!!”

He stops, pedes frozen. His knee causes him to wobble a bit, but his entire attitude has changed. He lifted a claw and held it up, almost as if warding the blaster off. "Don’t you dare," he hissed, "I’m not too attached to him and he’s not dead! Not to me! Get away from him before I melt you down and throw you at Magnus’ pedes!!"

He remained still, however. "Rodimus… don’t.”

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Rodimus had been swinging the grey frame back in forth in boredom as he waited for Blurr. He really wasn’t one to talk to dead frames like Prime or Blurr and so after awhile he became bored. But when the ping from Teletraan notified him of Blurr’s return and the all to familiar sound of an engine coming near, Rodimus couldn’t help but smirk.

And the smirk only grew wider as he listened to the insults that followed.

As he stood behind the frame Rodimus looked at Blurr. Placing one hand on the frames arm Rodimus smiled as he looked over Blurr’s frame and hummed in appreciation. “Ya know what I’d like ‘o say congratulations on goin’ up against Megatron by yourself an’ survivin’. Pretty sure Dodge here was proud o’ ya,” he patted the frames arms.

"But no need ‘o get mad, ya already cut off my servos once….besides, me an’ Dodge here thought it was time ya took a little break from your duties."

Blurr’s optic followed Rodimus’ every movement, claws clenching into his palms at his sides. Every little touch and scrape his digits gave caused Blurr’s denta to grit down harder and harder.

"Stop touching him," he snarled, moving to march forward. He was hardly in the mood for such games-not with Dodge. "Shut up, Rodimus. I did what I had to do, Megatron needed to be held back. I’m doing what is at best for the Autobots. Not just me." His anger only rose as Rodimus spoke more and more.

"Along with your servos, I’ll cut out your glossa, too," he hissed, hatred spewing from his derma. "Dodge…K-Kyeheheheheeheheh, Rodimus. Rodimus, you don’t know what Dodge wants! Only I know what Dodge wants and he’s politely asking you to get the frag AWAY FROM HIM!”

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So here he was walking through base dragging a grey frame behind him. He wasn’t going to the smelting pool, oh no, well actually he was. But not to use the pool itself, instead he was going there only to use one of the many hooks that decorated the ceiling.

With a grunt, the seeker jabbed a hook into the frames back and tugged hard on the chain, watching as it was lifted off the ground. Placing a hand in his hip and smirking at the frame Rodimus couldn’t help but speak out loud to it. “Well…Dodge, right? Feel good ‘o get some fresh air out o’ Blurr’s closet? Let’s sit an’ chat about Blurr while we wait for him…” Rodimus suddenly laughed ” Actually you just hang there while I sit.”

Feeling rather proud of himself, he walked into the entrance of the Ark with a smug expression plastered on his faceplate. Defeating Megatron? That was a lot harder than he anticipated. Aside from the obvious limp in his step from his damaged knee, he appeared unharmed. Though, he did have plenty of scrapes, shattered chassis glass and a burnt hole on the side to show his battle’s wear and tear.

He tapped his index digit against his audio, smirking to himself as Velocity snapped at him. Dodge said something, whisper gliding across his audio. It was only then he realized that an alert was pinging. An alert that never went off-ever.

He changed his course and began making his way further into the Ark. "Pits, Rodimus, what are you doing trying to get into my room for no-," he started as he stomped into the room, but stopped. His optic widened a degree as he stared at the one frame that he always kept clean-the perfect one. Anger boiled up soon after.

"You pit spawn piece of scrap, how DARE you take him out of there! He’s not YOURS! I’m going to throw you in the smelting pit after I cut off your grubby little servos!"

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[[ Thank you, Rodimus.

That is the exact age he is. ]]

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[[ You know, I sat down and thought about just how old SG Blurr really is. I mean, compared to other mechs he knows in the multi-verse and his own. He can’t remember how old he is. In fact, he doesn’t even remember his creation date (aka birthday), therefore, he chooses not to acknowledge it. He used to, but he just doesn’t anymore. So, he’s lost all sense of knowing how old he is.

The second he started making friends in the multi-verse, however, I started wondering about age comparisons between them. Like Captain Rodimus, Drift, Whirl, Shockwave, G1 Rodimus, Tyran mechs, Rung, etc etc. 

I feel like he’s younger than a lot of the bots he knows in the other universes. I don’t know.

/lays down/ ]]

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*LC stayed silent. Hes ventilation ran desperately but sort of slow. Not willing to give anything more away, he didnt look at Blurr. This was so humiliating. He felt a desperate sting of pride when it came to protecting his mate. He was also used to deny him for the sake of his politics.*

*He shuddered as he felt the claws on his thin plated, sensitive abdominal area. Countless upgrades and modifications had made him sensitive and never being involved into any fighting activities was the reason why he was practically ‘naked’ down there. He knew, if Blurr decided to rip his wires out it would be over.  42,9 % Charge up already for the love of Primus!*

*finally he spoke* - I think I’d rather die. *He had finally realized that there was probably more fun in it for Blurr (and with this more time in it for himself) if Blurr tortured him. He only needed a few more minutes for his weapon*

The idea of attacking LC’s little protector was amusing, but not something he wanted to play around with. Who knew who the mech was, anyway? He could have been too much to handle. But, LC? LC wasn’t. His claws began to twitch and drag against the abdominal area. He could feel how thin the plating was.

Ripping the mech open would be easy, very easy. He smirked as his razor sharp tips scraped, leaving grooves into the plating. He didn’t dig in, however. What was the point in relieving the mech of his fear so soon?

"Oooh… what a brave little bot." He lifted his claw and grabbed onto LC’s chinplate again. He held his helm in place. "I don’t care about finding who takes care of you. It is of no use to me. But you…? You are of use to me. A lot of use. I’m sure your little sugar mech would pay a pretty price for you. In fact, I’m sure they’d give me anything I wanted.”

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theme song meme: I come with knives by IAMX


I friggin’ LOVE this song and it should be played more often in Blurr’s room.