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A new pro tip!

Take your washrack trips together! Polish and wax their frame with the gentle touches reserved for someone special. Show care and loving devotion.

After all, you want the frame to look perfect when you hang it on the wall.

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[[ I regret nothing about that faceclaim for Axis. ]]

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"Free and Drinks two of my most favorite words," The crimson mech purred, "Even more so when said in tandem!" As for the other information Axis share Rodimus will think on that later. Time to see whats going on.

"What is your plans?" Rodimus smiled sweetly at the other mech, one of his most charmingly disarming smiles.

"Mmm. But you bailed us out anyway, yeah?" The seeker grinned lazily. "That’s pretty cool of you, thanks." Didn’t like dogs, but he was scared enough of Blurr to do what he wanted. But he was confident enough to try and make off with the army?

What the hell did Blurr stay behind to deal with that Axis felt confident he wouldn’t suffer consequences?

Thundercracker sighed and buried his face in his palm. Smooth sleuthing there, Roddy.

"Oh, good. Those are two of mine, too," he replied, smiling lightly. He was being friendly, of course. He flickered one optic in a wink before leaning back against the bar. He waved his servos, motioning around. "Plans? I don’t make plans."

"Huh? Well, of course I did. You guys don’t deserve to be torn apart by our universe. That’s not very fair, is it?" He was sure Blurr wasn’t coming back. After all, Grimlock was big and dangerous. Blurr would never survive that. Axis had no idea about Blurr’s roach status, however. He reached out and flicked Rodimus in the forehelm.

"Don’t be so nosy. I just want these mechs to have a choice. Not to be thrust into war like the rest of us. It was awful when it started, let me tell you. But…that’s a story for a different day."

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His light smile turned into a frown, Again opening a line to Thundercracker, ::My bad mech. I get it now.::

Shifting forward, pitching his voice with whatever Primely command he could muster in his churring tanks, “I see. I didn’t know. What is done is done. But I will never allow another to be nothing more than a tool in a war machine without the choice. Never.” He azure optics were steady, locked on Axis conveying his feelings of disapproval of the forced enrollment, burning with the flames of his rebellious spirit.

He would defend the newly built right to choose or not choose a faction. 

Shiiit this wasn’t going well. Well, as a poaching effort by the Decepticons it was going swimmingly, but for the busted up piece of trash getting chewed on by an angry dinosaur, it was going badly. And it was making Thundercracker uncomfortable, too.

He couldn’t interefere, here. But he couldn’t just let some newbuilds end up with Prime. On the other hand, he couldn’t let the Decepticons have them as that’d get Blurr into trouble. Dammit.

"So, uh. Axis. How’d you end up on Blurr’s good side?" Because yep late to the party jet, all smiles and no knowledge that Axis got beat to hell becuase how should he know that? 8D

And Axis smiled. Oh, good. These ones agreed with him, too. Sort of. “Well, thank you, Rodimus! At least someone has a functional processor.” His optics flashed and he laughed. He jumped from the bar top and grabbed a few empty cubes on the tables. He moved to refill them, yanking at the tap. “Yeah, well, I’m sure Blurr didn’t inform all of you.” Not that Blurr would.

As he handed out the now filled cubes, he spoke. “Blurr’s good side? Please. I haven’t been on his good side in vorns. I just do what he says. I also don’t talk to him often-I avoid all conversation when I can.” He set down the tray and stood before their table, giving a serious stare. “When it comes to monsters, Blurr is the one that Optimus created to be his. I have no time for dogs.” Then, he grinned.

"But, you guys seem like a nice group! I like you. So, you have no worries. You can come visit me any time. Free drinks for you and your friends!"

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[[ Shh, Axis is going to die anyway. ]]

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maverickofmayhem asked,

What position does your character sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. ) Describe why they do this — optional.

Blurr sleeps in the oddest positions. He doesn’t sleep on his berth often, but more so at his desk. Or on the floor. When asleep at his desk, he is hunched over, arms sprawled or crossed as his helm is settled atop them. His spine is curved and he often wakes up sore. If he sleeps on the floor, he’s usually on his side. He uses his arm as a pillow. (Bonus: If he’s feeling really low, he sleeps with his frames like stuffed animals. He curls his claws into the armor, ensuring they can’t ‘escape,’ and rests his helm on the chassis (or against the helm, in Velocity’s case). But, for the most part, he sleeps on his side and curled up. Sometimes he stretches out, but he prefers being on his side in a little ball.

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chronosmith asked,

((4, 7, 16 [feel free to shorten the amount of subjects; i am morally obliged to ask you any and all school-related questions], 29!))

4. Do they have any verbal tics? Do they have trouble pronouncing certain words or getting their thoughts across clearly?

Blurr has plenty of trouble getting his thoughts across clearly. Due to his processor injury, and the section that was damaged, he often has trouble connecting what he means with what he says. He could be trying to communicate one thing, but it comes out as communicating another. It’s a fault that he cannot fix at the moment. He also has a stuttering tic. If he reaches too far back into his memory files, his processor will glitch and he’ll end up sounding like a scratched CD- repeating the same word or part of the word until his processor catches up.

7. How does your character perceive themselves? Positive? Negative? Neutral?

Blurr is proud of himself for being as successful as he is right now. Second in Command, valued by Optimus and he has good friends (sort of). But, the constant nagging of Velocity (aka his self esteem), constantly reminds him that he’s worth absolutely nothing. So, Blurr’s perception of himself is simple: he knows he’s worth nothing in the end. Recycled garbage. Therefore, he doesn’t care what he does.

16. What are their best school subjects? What are their worst? List five of each.

Best school subjects:
x-; Cybertronian Languages
x-; History of Cybertron
x-; Physics
x-; Speech
x-; Cybertronian Anatomy

x-; Math
x-; Economics
x-; Chemistry
x-; Science (like general science)
x-; Architecture

29. Does your character get restless when things are too quiet or do they favour solitude and silence? Why?

Yes. God, yes. Blurr cannot handle silence. He has lived his life (as of now) with two voices inside his processor. They are figments of his own creation and something he has come to rely on. To lose his voices is to lose himself. Velocity is a big loss, but not as bad as Dodge would be. If Blurr loses Dodge (his sanity), he will give up and let himself go completely mad. Silence will kill him, basically.

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His optics dart to the jet widen at the assault, he commed. ::I know. Are we supposed to be fitting in here? Cause I am not really made for espionage. So pretty, too flashy, and too loud.::

Looking back to Axis, “Well I am not a normal Bot here. But I am still going to have a hard time with a peaceful Megatron bit. I will believe it when I see it. If buckethead is all rainbows and lollipops what is Optimus?”

::Sorry TC, I maybe pushing this but I need to know.::

A hint of a frown. No, Rodimus was supposed to blend in, and with the Autobots at an advantage it didn’t really matter who knew. Still, though… ::Just, watch it, alright? Lord Megatron is my boss, you know.:: And he wouldn’t tolerate many insults to his leader.

As Axis spoke, the grey seeker’s wings fluttered some, and he stole a casual look around. More specifically at the newbuilds. Their growing interest wasn’t lost on him, and in a flash it occurred to Thundercracker what Axis was doing. And a big part of him agreed with the ‘barmech’s’ words, but another bit couldn’t help but think about Blurr. This was his army.

Smirking a little, TC is going to prop his chin on one hand. With the other he’ll tap Axis’ leg, and then draw a triangle on the bar with a fingertip.

This mech wasn’t a neutral at all, was he.

At Rodimus’ question, Axis frowned. No doubt that Blurr had spoken highly of Optimus around this lot. He exvented slowly. “Optimus is…a tyrant. He used to be a librarian, but he backstabbed his way through the ranks. He has a twisted view of what our culture should be. He destroys everything he touches.” He scowled, looking disgusted. “He’s a monster. Just like the rest of them. I don’t know why you helped build an army for them.”

He glanced at TC once he was tapped. He gave no nod or shake of his helm, but his optics flickered twice. No, not a neutral at all. At least, not in his mind. He shrugged. “But, what can you do, huh? It’s already been done. I just hope they have a mind to choose.”

And most were watching him.

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Drift stared at him. “Ate your whole…?”

Nope. No. Deal with that later. “I’m not saying I’m changing. I’m just… he’s up to something. For all I know, he might be planning to poison them. I don’t want to leave him alone with them. Something’s up.” Drift transformed. “Ready?”

Blurr shrugged. "I don’t want to talk about it." It was something he was terrified of and hated to remember.

He frowned. "Why would he be up to something? He’s not that intelligent." Or so he thought. He held onto Oberyn’s spiked armor as he mumbled in his audial. "Fast, Oberyn." The wolf growled at Drift, tail flicking. He began to trot, then broke out into a run, heading back in the direction they had been headed. Blurr smirked slightly.

"Bet I can make it faster than you."

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